Want an exciting birthday or group / family party with a difference?
Then come along, make a pot and have fun!

The children can make up to one or two pieces of work that they will pick up at a later date. All work is bisque fired, glazed and re-fired, see description below. Details of the Pottery Party include the following:

  • £26 per child inclusive of materials and firings
  • session runs for 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • for Making and Decorating Parties or
  • for Throwing Parties
  • at 6 (min) to 8 (max) number of children


For a family party cost is £26 per child and £36 per adult as per the above.

For Corporate Events/ Away Days/ Hens / Stags (min no. 5) the cost is £24 per hour per person inclusive of materials and firings. Discount available on numbers over ten adults requesting a 3 - 6 hour session.
No discount available for larger groups of children as two tutors will be required.

For a party of two the cost will be set at the One-to-One rate

Please text or email with dates and times required.


Clay making is a slow process and the children will have their finished pieces usually within a month.

After the making the work needs a week for it to dry properly before bisque firing. This is the first firing, which turns the clay into ceramic. A firing takes three days, pack and slowly bring up the heat reaching temperature the next day then cooling on the third day. The next firing is the glaze firing. I will apply transparent glaze onto the fired work then repack the kiln and fire up. This firing will make the pots shiny and waterproof.

The main methods of hand building are pinched pots, coiling, slab building and press moulding. With these methods the children can make boxes, vases, cups, bowls, animals etc.

Throwing is a process of making using the electric wheel and is very popular but is harder to master; however, the children will be able to produce small pots.

For Adult Groups / Away Days a 2 or 3 hour session is adequate for making a pot and taking turns to have a go on the throwing wheel

Girl making a pot
Childrens' handmade pots
Childrens' glazed pots, handmade and decorated with coloured slip

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